The most luxurious Social Media seminar yet: Soho House, Farmhouse

Earlier this month I had the honour of speaking at the super luxurious Soho House, Soho Farmhouse in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire to speak to Soho House members about Social Media. 

The topic of the day: How to Rock Your Brands Social Media with 1-hour a Day

Why?: Soho House is a members clubs of creatives and entrepreneurs. Fuelled with ideas and spirit, most of these individuals are looking to grow their businesses online, in particular with Social Media - but where do you start, and how do you find the time in the day? 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Brands need to establish WHY they are going online. 
  • Brands should prioritise Social Media channels for purpose. 
  • Understand your audience. When do they reach for their phone, what sort of content are they looking for, how do they want to be spoken to. 
  • Don't make content, Document. 
  • You should be able to run your brands social media ALL from your MOBILE 
  • User-generated-content is noted as one of the highest revenue drivers by building a genuine and authentic connection with your fans 
  • Plan your day! 

Download the full seminar HERE! 


Welcome to

Soho Farmhouse

House Seven Seminar: How to Rock your Brands Social Media with 1-hour a Day! 


Please take a seat...

The beautiful barn venue was an excellent place of inspiration! 


Oh, or maybe a drink first!

I will admit, I work much better after one cheeky G&T! 

Full House at Soho House! 

Attendees included small business owners, creatives and entrepeneurs who were all looking for ways to juggle running a business, and building their Social Media! 

What a day! 

Thank you to everyone for coming, and if you are interested in hosting a similar seminar you can contact me on