Weekend Workshop: Influencers, Brands + a Pub Lunch

On a Sunny Saturday in London, we pulled up a chair in the gorgeous Notting Hill pub the Walmer Castle, surrounded by creative minds to share ideas, learn and grow our knowledge in Social Media. 

The workshop was designed for Entrepreneurs , Influencers and those looking to grow their career in Social Media. 

Why? We all live super damn busy lives. So why not spend a few hours on Saturday giving back to your mind, working on your ideas and delving deep into the opportunities that Social Media can give you and your business! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Brands are now being built for Social Media, how can you make your brand shareable? 
  • Limit yourself with Social Platforms. Find the right ones for your brand and message! 
  • User-generated-content is the highest driver of sales on Social Media 
  • It is vital to join and build a community on Social Media
  • Influencer marketing returns $6.85 for every dollar spent on paid media
  • Macro-Influencers are can have more impact on the bottom line when used correctly 
  • Grow your community through consistency
  • Test fast - Test Often! 

Download the full presentation HERE! 

Due to the huge success of this event, we will look to host further after the Summer so please do get in contact to be updated once topics are announced, and of course - suggestions welcome! Submit your details HERE!  

See some snaps from the day below! 
Big shout out to our guest of honour Ruby Carter the Jack Russell! (check out her Instagram!)