Onyi Moss and Purling London
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Influencer & Business Mentoring Programmes

I have been honoured to work with some of the online-worlds most innovate rising stars including Rhitrition, The Glow Edit & Purling London. 

Mentoring has enabled me to see the "other side" of Influencer Marketing, while supporting young minds navigate the complex world of working with brands and building meaningful communities. 

Alongside working with individuals, I have been invited by some of the worlds leading agencies and business to consult on how they can build and measure a meaningful Influencer Marketing model. 


University Guest Lecturer

I was honoured in early 2017 to be invited to lecture at Greenwich University to 2/3 year students. It has been incredibly fulfilling and has enabled me to support many bright young star enter the workforce for the first time. I have since joined the advisory board for other universities to help better the education system for Digital Marketing. 


Get in contact to discuss mentoring opportunities please contact me on:  camillamaryrose@gmail.com